Leather Bags Manufacturing

in harmony with man and nature

He lives for decades in Bochum but his heart beats for Dudra East. Ghulam Hussain studied in Bochum, is very familiar with the demands of the European market and is also proficient with its trends and skilfully implement in his leather goods.

As a Pakistani Native, he has not only used the name of his native village for the company; but the entire Leather goods are manufactured in Dudra East. Which started in 1984 with the handicrafts of few leather goods from Pakistan, has now a manufacturing facility up to 300 employees. Who provides the living expenses to a whole village. Modern machinery with thoroughly training and education of bag makers are a guarantee of good living standard to the tendentious poor region.

Ghulam Hussain interprets “Sustainability” in the sense of responsibility for people and nature. He skilfully introduces a  bridge between Pakistani tradition and European economic market. Ecology and sustainability go hand in hand with Dudra East with an exclusive claim on quality and design.

A portion of the income is donated to the different education projects in Pakistan.

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