Leather Bags like velvet and silk

The Finest Leather goods from Kashmir calf hides

Silky smooth and lightweight, but extremely robust: The fascinating element of Dudra East bags is the beautiful, natural light leather. Dudra East is located about 5 km away from Kashmir, in Punjab. The Punjab is known for its best hides worldwide. It has a special breed of cattle, due to their way of life and the climatic conditions.

The cattle are physically small. In order to survive, an animal has to go several Kilometres daily. Here, it is exposed to the bareness of nature, which means, it must bear temperatures up to 50°C in summer and below 0°C in winter. The temperature difference between day and night is very serious. All this influence the hides of cattle: These remain relatively thin - have a thickness of about 1.4 - 1.6 mm - ideal for leather goods, because the skins must not be split. This leather is lightweight: A whole Calf's skin, about 1.4 m², weighs only 400 g, but is so robust that Dudra East ensures you a 2 years Quality Guarantee for each bag.

Tough bags made of leather like velvet and silk

As soon as we get the skins, we decide which skin suits for which article without cleavage. Even thin leather is very tough and durable, if it consists of a whole skin thickness.

We use the largest possible pieces of leather for our products, as everyone knows that the joints are the weak points.

Responsibility for people and the environment is also emphasized here: selected Calf skins are tanned using biodegradable treatment agent - no pollution and are not "embellished" with plastic covering colours. These valuable skins are through dyed with water soluble aniline dyes. It is of course PCP and AZO colours free.

Our leather has its natural grains. All natural characteristics such as scars, wrinkles, insect bites, etc. remain visible.

Through a special process, the leather is impregnated with wax. Finally, it exerts its natural beauty - it is particularly supple, moisture and heat resistant.

Our leather is skin friendly and does not cause allergies.

100% Halal Leather. Leather and lining of our products confirm to Islamic Halal Law.

Rustic, Stylish & Natural thereby Unique, Beautiful & perfectly thought; Dudra East bags are reliable companions for people who love beautiful, genuine leather and sober elegance. Models for individualists, models with cult potential. For him and her. Whether exclusive business bags, city bags or outdoor backpacks: models of Dudra East orient to the fashion trends, but maintain their individual character. Perfectly conceived and illustrated with many loving details, make Dudra East fans a lifetime pleasure.

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